THE VILLA TOSCANE is a romantic house and the restaurant reveals an environment baroque with small rooms in row decorated with candlesticks, candles, pictures, antiques, flowers.
There are only few tables, you are a Privileged person...

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  • Antipastis mistis composed of dried tomatoes,
  • eggplant al balsamico,
  • artichokes with the olive oil and basil,
  • roasted sweet peppers,
  • a parma ham,
  • pastas al Arrabbiata,
  • raviolis della casa, with parmesan cheese,
  • very fine piccatas of veal With lemon,
  • a tiramisu,
  • a chocolate cake with pear.

Side of the wines, it is a Brunello di montalcino and of course some frenchChampagne!!!

Les propriétaires travaillent en dilettantes!!!